Once we move beyond the basic data extraction via SQL Server, we should be aware of a few functions that would make life really simple. Here, we will explore dense rank, partition by functions. We will start, however, with the most basic functions.

Let’s say we have a table with our employees. Let’s progressively extract some information from our table.

This is what our table looks like. (select * from [dbo].[Employees] )

Since our table is very small, we could quickly get all the records.

In normal circumstances, most of our tables will have a lot many more records, and also more columns. In that scenario, to get an idea of the table…

Most of the world suffers because of the unfathomable greed of a select few.

Watched the movie ‘Dark Waters’. It is scary to see how companies we admire and deem as pioneers can have such dark sides to them. And this is when we are clueless about most of the evil being done.

Every time you watch something of this sort, it makes you wonder about what else it is that is being hidden from you. What other evil are you partaking in unintentionally? What other health hazards are you being sold? It is truly shocking how we live in…

I had built a classification model using xgboost in R. While I found a lot of comprehensive tutorials on the whole process (data cleaning, imputations, dividing to test and training, tuning, feature importance), I could not find much information on how to use your trained model on new data set. How to finally use your model on data that you don’t have the y label for.

The procedure was mostly the same. The only thing that was of crucial importance was that the new data matrix be exactly like your matrix for training set. …

Sometimes (more than sometimes, for me), you wonder what exactly are you doing in life. Going to your job, giving your best there, perhaps thinking about work/ working way beyond your office hours. But what all for? A paycheck? Yes. But what else? Are you really making anyone’s life better? Are you doing anything to make the world a better place? Yes, You could be donating, perhaps doing small bits, but what else? The work that you do daily is not saving the world. It is not helping diminish the sufferings in the world. So what exactly are you doing…

What is Machine Learning? How is it different from rule based approach?

Machine learning allows a system to learn from data. Contrary to rule based approach, where the logic is hard-coded (and would have to be updated, to reflect iterations basis new observations etc.), Machine learning looks at the data to pick up patterns.

Machine Learning algorithms could pick up on elements that a human could have overlooked, or not deemed important. Also, it is not most feasible to code a lengthy list of rules.

Machine learning looks at the data to figure out the patterns/rules, eliminating need of a human to formulate those.

PS: Any comments, corrections etc. are welcome.

Couldn’t decide on a pic. Really got into printing.

Data science is the sexiest job of the 21st century. This is how most posts about why should get into data science begin. This thought has for sure ensured that many engineers, people in technical roles, and many other folks, pivot to it. Most are driven by money, few by passion.

I like the field, because it makes you think, a lot. It also gives you exposure to a variety of fields, which is amazing.

I also find data science scary, here’s why:

  1. What is data science exactly ?

There are numerous interpretations, but no clear consensus. Some say it…

Such is the craze for beauty that today people avail a large variety of services to achieve their ideas of it. From countless products promising to boost your confidence, landing you the perfect, hotshot job, to the hordes of other services offered to make you stand out. Such is the pervasion that it’s hard to find a natural, chemically untreated soul around. People get their hair ‘treated’ with chemicals to make them super smooth, shiny. They prep their hair on a day to day basis by ironing them, curling them etc. Because natural, slightly rough, wild hair is too bad…

There are small, seemingly inconsequential events that just seem to set your thoughts off. Those events by themselves may seem trivial, but they just topple off dominoes of all sorts of unimaginable thoughts in your mind. One moment before you are all cheerful and happy, and then everything just seems to change. You can’t help but look at and remember all things sad, all things that hurt you, anger you.

The funny thing is that the person who causes the lynchpin to move just seems oblivious to the turbulence thereby caused. He just wonders why you would overreact over such…

Shubhi Ahuja

A learner | Data Scientist @ RBL Bank

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